Always wanted to create a RapidWeaver Website using the Open Source WebYep CMS but lack PHP coding experience? With the WebYep CMS Stacks you can easily create a website using this CMS in no time.

Never heard of the WebYep CMS before?

The WebYep CMS is a compact Open Source WebCMS. There are many WebCMS available but WebYep is different:
  •  WebYep is designed to be simple
  •  It's easier to get started and understand all its features
  •  WebYep does not require a database server
  •  Multiple content elements, from basic to advanced
  •  Easily make layout changes in e.g. RapidWeaver without removing content editor defined content
  •  Integration of external editors like e.g CK Editor
  •  Integration of external lightboxes like the original Lightbox script

About the WebYep CMS Stack Elements

Always wanted to create a RapidWeaver Website using the WebYep CMS but lack PHP coding experience or you do not feel comfortable using PHP code snippets? With the WebYep CMS Stack Elements you can easily setup a website using this CMS in no time.

The Stack Elements provide a simple solution for building basic and advanced WebYep enabled websites and the best part is that it will not override any user defined content. So you can easily republish and redesign the Website from within RapidWeaver without impacting changes made by content editors. All the complexity is handled for you, all you have to do is drag & drop like you normally do with a Stack Element.

If you want to create a personal website or a website for your clients so that they are able to change their own content using a CMS ... this might be the product you are looking for. All that using your favorite RapidWeaver and Stacks!

Have a look at our tutorial (new v2 version in progress) on how to easily create a WebYep CMS enabled website...

Default Content Elements

As mentioned the WebYep CMS comes with a lot of different content elements that you can use. All these elements are available as a Stack Element and we have added some additional features to some of these elements:
  •  Logon Button
  •  Short Text
  •  Long Text
  •  Rich Text (requires installation of e.g. CK Editor)
  •  Image
  •  Image Gallery
  •  Attachment
  •  Loop (Time Controlled in v2)
  •  Menu

Advanced Content Elements

As a bonus we have also added a number of advanced stack elements and features to extend the default WebYep capabilities:
  •  WebYep Page (coming in v2 and replacing the RW Plugin)
  •  Switch between edit modes
  •  Conditionals, make content visible only in edit or view mode
  •  Embed Video's from e.g. YouTube or Vimeo
  •  News Ticker, based on the Long or Rich Text Elements
  •  Redirect after Logon
  •  Responsive goodness (v2 of the upcoming release)
More information on each of the individual WebYep CMS Stack Elements is available in the Online Manual and FAQ.


  •  RapidWeaver v5.5+
  •  Stacks Plugin v2.7+
  •  PHP 5.3+
  •  WebYep CMS v1.7+
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