RapidWeaver Multi Lingual (RWML)

“Conversation with a Client”

Tsooj Media: You've got this great Multi Lingual website and it's made with RapidWeaver?
Client: “Yep thats wright, RapidWeaver is amazing Web Design Software”

Tsooj Media: It sure is, but how do you manage your Multi Lingual content?
Client: “Thats simple by creating a new RW Project file for each Language”

Tsooj Media: Thats not simple at all, have a look at our RWML Stacks set. These stacks
can easily turn a single RapidWeaver project file into a Multi Lingual enabled website...


The RWML Stacks set is a powerful set of stacks featuring the dedicated RWML System. Base task of the RWML System is to easily turn a single RapidWeaver project file into a Multi Lingual enabled website. So you no longer have to create another project file for each Language. It automatically adds the required HTML Lang(uage) attribute to your content. This is meant to assist search engines and browsers.

It's not only for normal content elements as you are used to with most stacks and plugins. You can also use it to turn the Navigation Menu of your website into a Multi Lingual element. Or use Menu Items to Switch to another Language. Besides that the RWML System is smart enough to remember the chosen Language of your website visitors. So when they visit your website again it automatically shows the content in their preferred Language.

I hear you thinking, thats interesting... It sure is so we suggest that you grab yourself some thee or coffee, watch the examples and manual. Then take another cup and create your own Multi Lingual website in no time...


Below a demonstration video of the RWML stacks set in action, the download file comes with the demonstration RapidWeaver project files. The official examples project that comes with the latest download package is available on this special example site.
Demonstration video (no audio comments) showing an older version of RWML

More examples

Have a look at this Mondrian Theme example and the Casas Rurales Honorato websites, both using the RWML stacks set.
Credits for the last example websites goto Yolanda from Santander Design.

Torsten from actualChange:
“Thank you very much for RWML. It just works great! Converting the page to a dual language version was done in about a day.
No two projects, everything on one page, good to manage.”


  •  RapidWeaver v5.4+
  •  Stacks Plugin v2.7+
  •  PHP 5.3+
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