With the AnimateIt stacks set you can very easily create cool and fun CSS3 based browser animations for a single stacks element, predefined theme elements and of course on all of your custom HTML element. This stacks set comes with over 50 predefined ready to use animations based on Animate.css from Dan Eden. Check out his website if you would like to use his cool animations on other custom HTML and CSS projects.

How to use

Add the AnimateIt Enclosure Stacks element to your pages to enable the animations. Use custom html definitions in the Enclosure or use the normal AnimateIt Stack Element to animate individual content elements. The following events are supported to trigger the animations:
  •  Hover
  •  Click
  •  On page load
  •  After page load
  •  When visible


On this page we are using the AnimateIt Stack Elements to "slidein" some page elements. Click on the placeholder elements below to show some of the animations in action...
BounceOut Down
BounceIn Right

More examples

Refresh this page to see some animations back in action or visit the Sereno theme demonstration site .


  •  RapidWeaver v5.4+
  •  Stacks Plugin v2.7+
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