Time Controlled Publishing content and a lot more advanced options to controle the visibility of content elements with the Advanced Publisher Stacks set. You simply set a publishing time frame, start and expire date or day and the Advanced Publisher takes care of all your Time Controlled Publishing needs. Start writing your articles today and schedule them to appear in the future or any given timeframe.

Besides Time Controlled Publishing you can also use the Advanced Publisher set to improve the loading time of your pages or make sure that content is hidden until a secret set of URL parameters is used.

Stack Elements

The Advanced Publisher Stacks set contains the following Stack Elements:
  •  Advanced Publisher Enclosure; containing the advanced publication system
  •  Advanced Publisher Item Period; show content based on Full Date, Minutes/Hours or Months
  •  Advanced Publisher Item Days, show content based on day of the week
  •  Advanced Publisher Item Secret, content is hidden until a secret set of URL parameters is used
The Item Stacks are basically placeholder elements that you can use to contain your normal content elements. Nest the various Advanced Publisher Item Stacks to further customize the start- and expire dates of the used timeframes. You can also use the Advanced Publisher Item Secret Stack to improve the loading time of your pages.

Automatic page refresh is supported so on this page we have enabled this feature with a refresh value of 5 minutes.

Can you give some time controlled publishing examples?

Of course we can. Below a short list with some of the available options without nesting the Advanced Publisher Item Stacks. The number of features is increasing so stayed tuned for updates.
  •  Show content between Full Dates (mm-dd-yyyy @ hh:mm)
  •  Do not show until a Full Start Date is reached
  •  Only show the content before a set Full End Date is reached
  •  Show content between Hours/Minutes per day (hh:mm)
  •  Do not show until a Hours/Minutes start time is reached
  •  CSS Styled Image
  •  Only show the content before a Hours/Minutes time setting is reached
  •  Show content between Months (mm)
  •  Do not show until a Start Month setting is reached...


As always we have created a special examples site showing the Advanced Publisher Stacks set in combination with the Rainbow Theme from Henk Vrieselaar. The download package of this Stacks set comes with the Example Project included. Henk is also using the Advanced Publisher to control the used text and slideshow images in his Foton Theme demo.

A few basic examples of the Advanced Publisher in action are also shown below...

Used Date and Time Configuration

Since the Advanced Publisher stacks set is based on the server side language PHP it is also using the Date and Time settings from your webserver to decide if a Time Controlled Publishing Item should be visible or not. It sometimes happens that these setting from a webserver are different from what people expect them to be. So you can easily enable the "Show Date and Time Properties" from the Advanced Publisher Enclosure to check and adjust the used configuration. The following green information box is an example:
Advanced Publisher Enclosure v3.1.2
Date and time: Friday 23 June (6) 2017 @ 12:14:15
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam (CEST +0200)
Preview content: Disabled
Refresh page: every 5 minute(s)
PHP Version: 5.4.45

Day of the Week

Some background information about every day of the week, the Advanced Publisher is used to make sure that only the content of the "actual" day is shown.
Friday is the day after Thursday which precedes Saturday. In countries adopting Monday-first conventions as recommended by the international standard ISO 8601, it is the fifth day of the week. It is the sixth day in countries that adopt a Sunday-first convention, as in the Abrahamic tradition. In other countries (see workweek and weekend), Friday is the first day of the weekend, with Saturday the second. In Afghanistan and Iran, Friday is the last day of the weekend, with Saturday as the first day of the working week. Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait also followed this convention until they changed to a Friday–Saturday weekend, on 1 September 2006 in Bahrain and UAE, and a year later in Kuwait. In Iran, Friday is the only weekend day.


  •  RapidWeaver v5.4+
  •  Stacks Plugin v2.7+
  •  PHP v5.3+
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