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Advanced Publisher Stacks set

Time Controlled Publishing Content and a lot more...Easily extend the default Publishing features of RapidWeaver with the Advanced Publisher stacks set. You simply set a publishing start and expire date, the Publisher stacks set makes sure that the content is only shown for the given period or days.
So what can I do with this stacks set?
When using a CMS like for example Joomla or WordPress you have a feature which allows you to publish aka schedule your content to be published at a future date. With the release of the Publisher stacks set this feature also comes available to RapidWeaver. Simply set the Publishing Period and/or Days, then Publish / Upload you RapidWeaver project to your webserver and you are good to go.

Usage examples
Of course there are various usage examples and we would love to receive your feedback and usage examples beside this short list:
  • You may have an announcement to make and want to write your article now, but have it automatically go up at a later date and time. With the Publisher stacks set, you won’t have to remember to upload the article when its that time;
  • You’re in a busy writing mode and are adding many new articles to your website at once, but you want your visitors or maybe even the search engines to think your site is constantly updating with fresh content, so you simply delay your new articles so they get published at a consistent rate;
  • You would like to show different content on each day of the week, for every week of the year of maybe only for a given period in time;
  • You have just released a new product and would like to offer all website visitors a discount for a limited period of time.
What you get when purchasing this stack:
  • An installer for the Publisher stacks set;
  • RapidWeaver 5 example project;
  • RapidWeaver 4 or above;
  • Stacks Plugin 1.4 or above;
  • Webserver with PHP 5.


Examples of this Stacks Set in action are available on this example website showing the Rainbow theme from Henk Vrieselaar.

User Guide

Using the Publisher Stacks Set is really simple, have a look at the instructions and the FAQ on the new Support site.