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HV Slider stack set


HV Slider stacks set

Easily create full screen slideshows combined with the Xense, Blow-Up, and Outline themes from Henk Vrieselaar...


The HV Slider Stacks Set is more or less named after the slideshow script that is used in the supported themes of Henk Vrieselaar. The themes provide a set of script snippets that a lot of photographers use to create fullscreen background slideshows. With the HV Slider Stack Set it is a lot easier to create your slideshown. You no longer have to fiddle with the correct script syntax since you are able to setup the slideshow using the well known Stacks Plugin interface. Besides that you can also fully automate the slideshown "creation" by using for example the Flickr Stack or the special Warehoused Stacks that comes with EXIF/IPTC support.


The example website showing the Warehoused Stack in action. Big thanks to Rene Zuch for allowing us to use his "Underwater Model Photographs".
More examples of this stacks set are available on the Xense Theme demonstration site by Henk Vrieselaar.

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