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Floating Content


Floating Content stack

With the Floating Content stack you can easily make special content float on top of your normal page content. Simply set the margins from the top and side and this stack makes sure that the Floating Content position is automatically adjusted while scrolling the page or resizing the browser window.

Besides that it comes with a Responsive approach (based on CSS3 @Media that is supported by modern browsers). Meaning that you can automatically hide the Floating Content on smaller screens.


Examples of this stack are available on the this Infinite-R theme demonstration site.

User Guide

Using the Floating Content stack is really simple, have a look at the manual on the new Support site.

Version information

Version 1.2.1, 28 December 2013
New: As requested the adjustment speed with a value of zero is setting the position as fixed
New: Transparent background color
New: Create a custom link inside the Floating Content to click and hide the Floating Content

Version 1.2.0, 2 October 2013
New: Width dimension in pixels or percentage
New: Sticky bar support, see the example project
New: Text alignment
New: Background color

Version 1.1.0, 28 September 2013
New: Center location and different margin inputs for Top and Bottom
New: Margin dimension in pixels or percentage
New: Edit interface

Version 1.0.1
, 21 July 2012
New: Location option, show on Top or Bottom of your page
New: Color and font style properties

Version 1.0.0
, 18 June 2012
New: First public release.