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Newsticker stacks set v2.0 released

Update for the Newsticker stacks set v2.0 released:
  • New: New edit interface and icon for all the Newsticker stacks;
  • New: Icon;
  • New style properties.
Best to download the full DMG file to have a look at the example project files with the new Style properties.

Newsticker Stacks set updated

The Newsticker as known in version 1.2.0 is renamed to Newsticker Custom and Newsticker Styled is added as a new ticker stack. Most important difference between these 2 stacks is that the Newsticker Styled handles more than a single line of text and you are able to use an entire text item as hyperlink. Besides that the styled version also has this built-in feature for placing the Newsticker directly inside an Extra Content Area. More information available on the product page.

Newsticker stack update

The Newsticker stack has been updated and is currently priced at € 2,99.
With the version 1.2.0 release of this stack the following changes where implemented:

  • Add multiple versions of the Newsticker on a single page, up to 5 times;
  • Perform the Newsticker only one time, repeat checkbox;
  • Start the Newsticker after a given number of ms;
  • Use a slider to simply control the number of Newsticker text lines, currently up to 20.

Newsticker stack

Release of the Newsticker stack.