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Lorem Ipsum 1.2 released

The most versatile text and image placeholder utility is improved. We have completely rewritten the text generator so that you can use multiple text dictionaries and more predefined content elements. More information is available on the product page of this stacks element.

Note that this version of Lorem Ipsum requires the Stacks Plugin v2.5.

Hide 'n' Show and Outline theme fix

Released version 1.3.1 of the Hide ’n’ Show stack. Tiny bug fix for the Outline theme from Henk Vrieselaar. You can update to this version from within the Stacks elements library.

Hide 'n' Show and Rainbow theme support

Released version 1.3 of the Hide ’n’ Show stack. Added support for the new Rainbow theme from Henk Vrieselaar. You can update to this version from within the Stacks elements library.

Floating Content updated to v1.2.1

Released update v1.2.1 for the Floating Content stack with the following new/changed features:
  • As requested the adjustment speed with a value of zero is now setting the position as fixed;
  • Transparent background color;
  • Create a custom link inside the Floating Content to click and hide the Floating Content.

Newsticker stacks set v2.0 released

Update for the Newsticker stacks set v2.0 released:
  • New: New edit interface and icon for all the Newsticker stacks;
  • New: Icon;
  • New style properties.
Best to download the full DMG file to have a look at the example project files with the new Style properties.

Small update for the HV Slider stacks set

Small update for the HV Slider stacks set released:
  • New: New edit interface and icon for all the HV Slider stacks.
  • Fix: Added Outline to subtitle, yes this theme is supported ;-)

Action Host stack released

Released a new utility stack named Action Host. With this "If this then that for RapidWeaver" utility stack you can easily change link actions. Use for example a normal navigation menu link and turn it into a Cartloom Cart button.

But there is more, currently we support the following actions on hyperlinks:
  • View Cartloom Cart
  • View E-junkie Cart
  • Change URL
  • Add class value
  • Set rel attribute value
More actions are added in the near future, just let us know the actions that you need.

More information on the product page.

Floating Content stack v1.2 released

Released v1.2 of the Floating Content stack:
  • Width dimension in pixels or percentage
  • Sticky bar support, see the example project
  • Text alignment
  • Background color
Check out the demo for the new Sticky Bar Example.

Update Floating Content stack

New version 1.1 of the Floating Content stack is available with the following changes:
  • Center location and different margin inputs for Top and Bottom
  • Margin dimension in pixels or percentage
  • Edit interface
This update is available as automatic update from within the stacks library or by using the direct download link from the product page.

Hide 'n' Show and Tabs theme support

Just released update 1.2.2 of the Hide ’n’ Show stack. Added support for the new Tabs theme from Henk Vrieselaar. You can simply install this version from within the stack element library.

Lorem Ipsum Utility v1.1 released

Received some very nice feedback after the release of the initial version of the Lorem Ipsum Utility stack resulting in version 1.1 with the following updates:

  • New: Content type 'Paragraph', set the number of words
  • New: Replaced "Content items" with specific input fields for each Content type
  • New: More control over the words and length of list items
  • New: List type styles

Note that you (only once) need to reset the number of Words after upgrading since each Content type now comes with it’s own input field.

Lorem Ipsum Stack v1

Just released the brand new Lorem Ipsum stack. With the Lorem Ipsum Stack Element you can easily add "random" placeholder text to your RapidWeaver pages. The Lorem Ipsum text is commonly used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a website by removing the distraction of meaningful content.

Use the Lorem Ipsum Stack to focus attention on graphic elements in a webpage design proposal.

Have a look at the examples site or the product page.

ScrollTo stacks set v2 released

ScrollTo stacks set v2 released, available as automatic update from within your Stacks library:
  • New: New interface and Stacks plugin v2 only
  • New: New animation effects
  • Fix: Chrome challenge

Update time, RWML version 1.1.1 released

Update time this evening, as from this moment RWML v1.1.1 is released and available as automatic update from within your Stacks library:
  • New: Support for image maps
  • New: Multiple URL parameters
  • New: Typo in subtitle Contact Form element

Tiny Hide 'n' Show update

Just released a tiny update for the Hide ’n’ Show Stack set to fix a small bug of not rendering content correctly when using nested accordion styles. You can simply update to version 1.2.1 using the built-in update feature from the Stacks Plugin.

Hide 'n' Show update

Updated the Hide ’n’ Show stacks set:
  • New: Note Pad theme definitions
  • New: Slide Toggle and Fade effects
  • New: Stack elements edit interface

RWML version 1.1 available

As from today version 1.1 of the RWML Stacks Set is available as a free update for all RWML v1 users. More detailed information including email announcement available in the upcoming week. The complete manual of RWML is now available on the new support section of the website.

Publisher Stacks set 2.1.0

New version 2.1.0 of the Publisher Stacks set available:
- Choose between "Full Date" period or "Hours and Minutes" only
- Preview without using the selected date and time values
- New edit interface

Upcoming Anniversary discounts

As every year in November we are working with Henk Vrieselaar on the Anniversary Discount… stay tuned for more information in the upcoming days.

Update AnimateIt

Released version 1.0.1 of AnimateIt:
New: Minimized user interface that is also going to be used for all other Stack element updates.
Bug fix: Webkit smooth font challenge

Update Floating Content stack

Released a new version of the Floating Content stack, v1.0.1 comes with the following new options:
  • Location option, show on Top or Bottom of your page
  • Color and font style properties

Released Floating and Responsive Content stacks

As from today the new Floating and Responsive content stack are available. Both stacks are free.

With the Floating Content stack you can easily make special content float on top of your normal page content. Simply set the margins from the top and side and the javascript from the stack makes sure that the Floating Contents position is automatically adjusted while scrolling the page. More information...

With the Responsive Content stack you can easily hide or show specific content based on the screen width of your visitors. More information...

Hide 'n' Show stack updated

The new Hide ’n’ Show stacks set version 1.0.2 is available with the following features:
  • Total of 4 start actions, Show, Hide, Show delayed and Hide delayed;
  • Style properties for color and font settings;
  • Different Edit modes;
  • News Hide 'n' Show Content stack.

HV Slider stacks set updated

Released v1.0.2 of the HV Slider stacks set that fixes the latest Xense Plus theme issues and added automatic download support for future updates of this stacks set. Also changed the download link into a direct download link instead of using the shopping cart system. More info...

HV Slider stacks set updated

Released a new version of the HV Slider stacks set that fixes a tiny jQuery compatibility issues.

WebYep stacks set updated

Released version 1.2.1 of the WebYep stacks set:
  • Stacks v2 compatibility update;
  • Automatic php page extension with stacks v2;
  • New minimized init code that solves a sparingly occurred compatibily issue (t_string error) in combination with specific used analytics code.

ScrollTo and Bounce stacks updated

New: Compatibility update stacks plugin v2
New: Minimized file size and interface

Hide 'n' Show stack updated

Added new option to the Hide ’n’ Show stack: Auto hide the content on page load.

Hide 'n' Show stack released

When you're showing your photos in large sizes, your visitors might find it annoying that they are covered by the menu and content. Wouldn't it be great if they are able to Hide and Show the content with a simple mouse click? With the Hide ‘n’ Show stack they can...

More information is available on the Hide ’n’ Show stacks page...

Scroll Pane Stacks set updated

ScrollPane stacks set version 1.2.2 released:
  • Fixed a small mousewheel scrolling issue that occurred with Stacks plugin version 2;
  • Added an option to disable the information section aka identify section of the stacks since
    with the Stacks plugin version 2 the name of the stack is already shown in “edit mode 3”.

Stacks updates and new AnimateIt stacks set

We’ve been busy these last days with the updates for the today released beta v2 of the stacks plugin from yourhead.

More product updates will be released in the upcoming week, in case you are already using the new plugin then please make sure you are using the following versions of the already updated stacks sets:

  • Newsticker stacks setup update 1.3.1;
  • ShakeIt stacks set update v2.0.0;
  • Image Mapper Plus update v1.0.2;
  • Scroll Pane stacks set update v1.2.1;
  • Fancy Intro stacks set update v1.1.1;
  • Publisher stacks set update v2.0.0.

New Stacks set!
Of course we are also releasing a new stacks v2 only Stacks set called AnimateIt. With the AnimateIt stacks set you can very easily create cool and fun CSS3 based browser animations for a single stacks element, predefined theme elements and of course on all of your custom HTML element. This stacks set comes with over 50 predefined ready to use animations.

More information is available on the product page of the AnimateIt Stacks set...

Publisher Stacks set releaed

Easily extend the default Publishing features of RapidWeaver with the Publisher stacks set. You simply set a publishing start and end date, the Publisher stacks set makes sure that the content is only shown for the given period or days.

So what can I do with this stacks set?
When using a CMS like for example Joomla or WordPress you have a feature which allows you to publish aka schedule an article or post to be published at a future date. With the release of the Publisher stacks set this feature also comes available to RapidWeaver. Simply set the Publishing Period and/or Days, then Publish / Upload you RapidWeaver project to your webserver and you are good to go.

More information is available on the product page of the Publisher Stacks set...

Image Mapper stack renamed

To avoid some naming conflicts with existing basic stacks we’ve renamed the Image Mapper stack into Image Mapper Plus probably a better name also seen the possible options.

Image Mapper stack released

We’ve just released a new stacks product called the Image Mapper stack. Add linkable image map area's to your images with the Image Mapper stack. It's fast and simple using the built-in "Coordinate Inspector".

Yes thats a built-in stack by itself to help you measure the coordinates. But wait thats not all, you can also turn all the area's into a highlighted area with selectable overlay and outline colors. More information...

Fancy Intro Stacks set updated

We’ve just released an update to the Fancy Intro stack, besides adding some new
options we’ve also added a new stack called Fancy Curtain.

More information available on the product page.

ShakeIt Stacks set updated

We’ve just released a tiny update for the ShakeIt Stacks set, the normal ShakeIt stack has gotten
an extra option so that you are able to hide the Information block for those situations that it is used
in small columns.

More information available on the ShakeIt Stacks set Product page.

ShakeIt Stacks set released

We’ve just released a new stacks product: ShakeIt.

The ShakeIt stacks set shakes, vibrates, and rotates your stacks and RapidWeaver content.
It's great to use as a hover effect or a way to direct attention an element that needs a special effect.

You can control the x, y, and rotation range, interval, and the event that triggers ShakeIt.
We've even included an option for automatic placing the stacks into an Extra Content area.
All it takes is adding the cross browser jQuery based Enclosure stack and you are ready to ShakeIt.

Fancy Intro stack released

We’ve just released our latest product: the Fancy Intro stack.

The Fancy Intro stack adds a cross browser animated intro to webpages, so that your visitors don't have to look at that “normally boring page loading”. This stack looks like a Flash based intro but all it takes is a tiny jQuery javascript with some magic CSS. So also iPhone and iPad visitors get to see your Fancy Intro.

All it takes to create a Fancy Intro is adding this stack onto your page,
set the colors and animation speed ... you are ready to get Fancy.

WebYep Stacks Set updated

As from today the WebYep Stacks set is updated with a new stack named WebYep Newsticker. This stack is based on the famous Newsticker Styled product. More information is available on the WebYep stacks product page.

Newsticker Stacks set updated

The Newsticker as known in version 1.2.0 is renamed to Newsticker Custom and Newsticker Styled is added as a new ticker stack. Most important difference between these 2 stacks is that the Newsticker Styled handles more than a single line of text and you are able to use an entire text item as hyperlink. Besides that the styled version also has this built-in feature for placing the Newsticker directly inside an Extra Content Area. More information available on the product page.

ScrollTo and Bounce

Meet Scroll Pane's little brother... easily create an animated scroller to dynamically take
your visitors to another position on your webpage. Comes with a built-in bouncing effect.

If you want a discount code for this stacks set... you should have a look at the announcement
forum on monday. Why? When you buy the updated version of the Mondrian Theme you
recieve a 20% discount code.

RWML Product launch

Tsooj Media: You've got this great Multi Language website and it's made with RapidWeaver?
Client: “Yep thats wright, RapidWeaver is amazing Web Design Software”

Tsooj Media: It sure is, but how do you manage your Multi Language content?
Client: “Thats simple by creating a new RW Project file for each Language”

Tsooj Media: Thats not simple at all, have a look at our RWML Stacks set. These stacks
can easily turn a single RapidWeaver project file into a Multi Language enabled website...

Upcoming RWML product

Within a couple of weeks we are releasing our RapidWeaver Multi Language stacks set featuring the RWML System. Tester of this new stacks set are very excited and so are we ... so stay tuned to the products page...


WebYep Stacks Set updated

The WebYep Stacks set has been updated to version 1.1.0 with the following changes:

  • Small change in the redirect routine for the Logon Button stack so that it matches the EN and DE versions of WebYep;
  • Image stack, changed the "Open Link in new window" checkbox into an input box named "URL Window", this making the stack compatible with upcoming versions of WebYep;
  • Added the WebYep Menu element stack;
  • Added the Conditional stack, this is a Tsooj Media custom stack;
  • Added the Video stack, this is also a custom stack.
Have a look at the Product page for more detailed information.

Scroll Pane Stacks set updated

The Scroll Pane Stacks set has been updated to version 1.1.0 with the following changes:

  • Added the Follow Links feature into the Scroll Pane Enclosure Stack;
  • Modified the Scroll Speed implementation so that the latest Webkit based browsers like Safari and Chrome;
  • Simplified image referring for the Scroll Pane Custom stack, so you only have to enter the name of the image in the stacks HUD;
  • Added a temporary solution into the Scroll Pane Custom stack that automatically forces RW 5.0.2 to generate the used image resources in preview mode.
Have a look at the Product page for more detailed information.

Scroll Pane Stacks set released

It has taken it’s time but we are very pleased to announce our latest product:
Tired of looking at your browsers default scroll bar?
You want to show your website content in a nice looking and scrollable area, without using Flash?

Then we’ve got a (early christmas) candy for you: Scroll Pane Stacks set

Updated the WebYep stacks product page

Updated the WebYep stacks product page with the following:

  • Added the latest FAQ items;
  • Changed some parts of the product description;
At the moment we are also working on a final version of the WebYep Menu stack and a couple of new custom stacks.

Newsticker stack update

The Newsticker stack has been updated and is currently priced at € 2,99.
With the version 1.2.0 release of this stack the following changes where implemented:

  • Add multiple versions of the Newsticker on a single page, up to 5 times;
  • Perform the Newsticker only one time, repeat checkbox;
  • Start the Newsticker after a given number of ms;
  • Use a slider to simply control the number of Newsticker text lines, currently up to 20.

Release of the WebYep stacks

Tomorrow we release the WebYep stacks package with a getting started tutorial on how to install WebYep with some other components like CKEditor and Lightbox. But of course we also explain how to use the stacks.

Upcoming stacks

Started the rework of the Tsooj Media website and finalizing the (soon available) WebYep stacks.


As from August 6 Tsooj Media is enjoying a nice holiday, after that the website will undergo a slight redesign and we hope to release a number of stacks out of the beta phase.

Newsticker stack

Release of the Newsticker stack.